2D to 3D CAD Conversion

During the various project we have worked on Ocean-Tec Systems personnel often commented that there is a bottleneck in adopting the 3D design packages as Clients own 3D Personnel are busy moving forwards, and do not have the time available to work on a back catalogue, even though this is a potential time-saver.

We have also experienced scenarios where the lack of availability of accurate 3D models of a given vessel has resulted in delays of submission of procedures, or worse still mobilisation delays as things don't fit.

We listened carefully to this feedback and have, as a result, offered our Clients a 2D to 3D conversion service since early 2014.

The Client decides the level of detail they would like on their 3D Model, then our 3D Draftsmen generate the model based upon existing 2D CAD drawings.  The transformation process cost is dependent upon the level of detail required.  For example should a client require a simplified vessel model, for use in Procedure Storyboards, animations and presentations, the time involved in its preparation would be considerably less than that taken for a full detailed conversion including items such as antennae etc.

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