Cable Route Engineering

The Problem

Cable route planning is not a simple task.  Drawing straight lines on an AutoCAD chart may well be a simplistic approach, but as soon as 'real' information becomes available the entire process can become very time intensive.

Cable route planning must take several factors into consideration, including (but by no means limited to);

  • Seabed Bathymetry
  • Seabed Composition
  • Proposed Protection Techniques
  • Cable Design
  • Lay Vessel Abilities
  • Planned Installation Methodology
  • Unexploded Ordnance
  • Cable/Pipeline Crossings
  • Wrecks
  • Anchorage Areas
  • Permitting Restrictions
  • Environmental Restrictions

As there are so many conflicting areas of influence it is important to keep all the information for any given route together in the one place.  Ocean-Tec Systems utilise the MakaiPlan software package, which is based upon Intergraphs industry standard GeoMedia GIS engine.  This GIS engine allows the user to import all the various data sets as database layer, which can be represented within the planning application visually.

A GIS approach solves only part of the problem.  The remainder is how to produce accurate Route Position Lists (RPLs) from the GIS system.  Makai have spend many years refining their application to perform just that task.  The point and drag nature of their system allows the user to perform many 'what if' scenarios, and instantly evaluate the knock on effect of each change.

The time saved as a result should not be underestimated.

The Service

Within OTS due to our experience, we understand better than most, the difficulties experienced by cable installation contractors in obtaining personnel with the correct background to understand cable design restrictions, survey data aquisition, UXO, permitting issues and geotechnical soils information.  

For this reason in 2011 Ocean-Tec Systems began offering a bespoke cable route design service, whereby OTS take ownership of the problem of cable routing, and support for future route updates.

OTS own 2 x full Makai Plan licenced seats, and have fully trained and certified operators to get the best from the package.  The end result is a well thought out cable route, which takes into account all the factors, as prioritised by the Client. 

Our reports are fully tracable, and all route changes/revisions are documented within the live tracking system for each cable route within the field.

For more information about this service, please contact

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