Makai Lay - Level 1 Training Course

Course Location:  Darlington, UK
Course Duration:  5 days
Course Dates:  Please refer to Training Calendar for schedule

The Makai suite of applications encompasses various modules from route design to entire lay simulation and realtime touchdown prediction. Makai operate a structured training programme consisting of 3 levels for the Makai simulation packages, namely Makai Plan Pro and Makai Lay.

This course is for Entry Level (Level 1) training, and will ensure each delegate has a firm understanding of the configuration and use of the entire suite from route planning to realtime installation monitoring. 

The course is delivered using Ocean-Tecs mobile training PC Network, specifically equipped with dual screen monitors to ensure the delegates have the optimum screen real estate for their training. All Software and hardware required during the course is supplied, ensuring no techinical delays due to incompatabilities occur.

The course is delivered using the MakaiPlan Pro application, with simulated inputs which the delegates must interface to.

MakaiPlan Pro
: MakaiPlan Pro allows the user to perform powerful and precise 3-D, dynamic simulations of a submarine cable installation. Using its 3-D simulator, the installer can quickly simulate an entire cable lay whilst onshore. By simulating the installation in detail at 50 times faster than real-time, a complete lay can be completed in a short period of time. The simulation provided by MakaiPlan Pro gives a detailed understanding of cable behavior, can be used for training cable lay operators, and is used for pre-lay/post-lay analysis. The package can create a detailed Ship Plan for later execution.

A detailed simulation is valuable to best understand and plan for dynamic cable situations. If used before a cable lay, the simulation is a thorough advance check; errors can be corrected before they become at-sea mistakes.

The course is targeted at offshore personnel, including Project Engineers, Offshore Supervisors, Cable Engineers and Survey Personnel who will be required to perform various tasks within their activities offshore.
The course is certified by Makai in Hawaii, and delivered by Makai certified trainers. The courses are held at Ocean-Tec's training facility and are kept to a small class size to ensure a good level of 1 on 1 tuition.

On satisfactory completion of the course each delegate will receive certification from Makai and are entered onto the Makai certified personnel database, which can be queried by potential employers.

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Further details of the training venue can be found here.

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